10 Dramatic Wedding Dresses for the Confident Bride

From couture pieces to affordable gems, today we’re showcasing some of the most wow-worthy bridal designs around. If you’re looking to make a bold statement when you come waltzing down the aisle then look no further than our compilation of inspiring gowns.

From powerful colors to skirts sewn with their own vivacious personality intact, we’ve got the scoop on some of the best dramatic wedding dresses fit for the most confident of brides. Now sit back, relax, and journey through our favorites below.

10 Dramatic Wedding Dresses for the Confident Bride

Look 6

Look 6

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  • Oscar De La Renta Bridal Fall 2018 Collection
  • Think: Princess, Pink, Fairy-tale, Unique

A drop-waist, a tulle skirt, and a dipped-in-pink look come together gorgeously in this Oscar de la Renta beauty. If you’re looking to feel like a princess – one that’s gone a bit rouge – then this is definitely a look to shoot for.

The waistline will show off your curves in a beautiful way while still making you feel like a quintessential royal bride that you deserve to be. And there are so many wonderful ways that you’ll be able to style and personalize the overall look – from contemporary to more fairy-tale inspired.



  • Website
  • $6 – $15k range
  • Fall 2017 Ines Di Santo Collection
  • Think: Ball Gown, Whimsical, Royal, Blue

Every piece out of the Ines Di Santo Collections is knockouts. And that includes this powdery blue masterpiece. Its full skirt and cropped sleeves are Victorian-inspired. But it’s the unique tone that really makes it such a wow-worthy dress to walk down the aisle in.

You also get a piece of art with this one. The intricate detailing and accents all along the bodice are such a stunning part of this entire bridal puzzle.


Style 3807

  • Website
  • $3000 – $3499
  • Spring 2018 Lazaro Bridal Collection
  • Think: Princess, Delicate, Romantic, Elegant

Firstly, start with the bodice and those gorgeous petal accents that it’s dripped in. The 3D quality acts as such a stunning, springtime topping to this entire creation. And that’s before your eyes even realize its full skirt.

Its classic tulle bottom has a mix of tones to pay attention to as well. The swirl of ivory and blush really set the scene for something both magical and unique.


  • Website
  • $2500 – $2999
  • Fall 2016 Hayley Paige Collection
  • Think: Modern, Contemporary, Chic, Posh

There’s something so bold and fearless about walking down the aisle in a dress full of stripes. And this is how you can make that happen, with this stunning and chic Hayley Paige classic design.

The fullness of the skirt will give you extra boldness and a bit of a nice twirl on the dance floor as well. And we love that it comes in this crisp shade of ivory making it an even more striking look at the end of the day.


A bold, black mermaid-style gown may not be something that everyone thinks of when it comes to bridal wear but in the eyes of Vera Wang, it’s a perfect fit! This is one of her gowns from the “Iconic” collection and it’s been making a splash ever since it hit the scene (which is why it’s found a place on that list of hers).

Show off your curves and your edgy style by choosing something that will truly wow every single one of your guests. And black is classic, so it’ll never go out of style.



  • Website
  • $15k – $20k
  • Spring 2018 Zuhair Murad Collection
  • Think: Sexy, Youthful, Dance, Illusion

If you’re looking for a destination wedding gown that will make a splash, then this illusion design is one to dream about. Show off your gams and a bit more skin in an elegant and artistic way with this beauty.

We love how nontraditional this dress is but remains very bridal with its lace overlays and applique detailing. And you’ll have all the structure you need with that corset-style bodice.


Style 15-16

  • Website
  • $7800 – $9000
  • Spring/Summer 2015 Berta Collection
  • Think: Sexy, Sophisticated, Womanly, Classic

For those that envision something a bit sexier and chicer for their wedding, why not try slipping something like this on for size. There’s coverage, yes, but there’s nothing left to the imagination in this slick design, every curve is shown in such a beautiful way.

The illusion sleeves and delicate detailing is quite the contrast to the sensuality of the dress as well. Give your groom a surprise and watch as his jaw drops when he sees you for the first time.



We’re loving this unique take on a red carpet look from Carol Hannah. It’s actually two pieces, a ruffled slip dress that lays nicely over a silk petal dress. And everything about it is stunning.

If you’re creating an escape for your guests – a fairy-tale inspired night – this is the type of gown that you could totally rock. For those with more girlish tendencies, try this outside-the-box look on for size.



  • Website
  • $5k – $20k
  • Fall 2017 Monique Lhuillier Collection
  • Think: Details, Contemporary, Glam

Bold ladies unite! And take a second look at this sparkling design. For those that like to create a splash and cause a stir with their style, this feather-accented beauty is right up your sleeve.

It’s a gown that will skim your curves nicely but the wow is all in the accents. And those details include whimsical feathers, bold crystals, and an illusion-based silhouette.


Shangri-La Gown

  • Website
  • $3500 – $9000
  • Vagabond Collection by Claire Pettibone
  • Think: Romantic, Colorful, Bohemian, Unique

There’s something so unique and stunning about every detail and piece of this Claire Pettibone gown. If you’re looking to bring color to your big day, then this is the designer to peek at first. Her designs are original and bring in such a refreshing take to the aisle.

This particular piece has a gold foundation and brightly embroidered flowers throughout the entire body. It fits the waist nicely and will skim over the hips without hugging anywhere too tightly.

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