10 Designer Bridesmaids Gowns Under $250

Don’t have your ladies paying an arm and a leg for a bridesmaid or maid of honor dress. Instead, check out this beautiful selection of designer bridesmaids gowns for under $250!

Designer Bridesmaids Gowns for Under $250A satin, eggplant gown is sultry, sexy and perfect for a more formal affair.

Designer Bridesmaids Gowns for Under $250A deep peach is the perfect choice for a springtime celebration, just watch your ladies’ skin tones!

Designer Bridesmaids Gowns for Under $250A mermaid silhouette hugging every beautiful curve, this cranberry colored dress is a showstopper.

Designer Bridesmaids Gowns for Under $250A black, lace neckline and a cherry red finish, this party dress is a great choice for the dance floor.

Designer Bridesmaids Gowns for Under $250A monochromatic celebration could be a beautiful memory, and that includes this creamy white bridesmaids dress.

Designer Bridesmaids Gowns for Under $250A royal blue, flowing design, this is a versatile piece that would look stunning on a variety of women.

Designer Bridesmaids Gowns for Under $250A black dress is always needed and will work in any setting, even vow renewal or second marriages.

Designer Bridesmaids Gowns for Under $250Lace covered and a beautiful, hazey grey tone, we’re in love with this romantic beauty.

Designer Bridesmaids Gowns for Under $250Soft blue and a unique neckline, this party dress is ready for the celebration and ready to have fun with accessories.

Designer Bridesmaids Gowns for Under $250A more formal choice, this gown is Grecian-inspired but versatile, feminine and incredibly chic.

photos via Brides

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