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Wedding Attire: Dresses for Vow Renewals

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So, what's the best dress to choose for your wedding vow renewal ceremony? If you haven't yet read our page on wedding vow renewal etiquette, I highly recommend it. It's a great read and will get your plans on the right track.

Unless you are thinking about recreating your original wedding by wearing your original wedding gown, (and if you can still fit into that dress, kudos to you!) the dress you select for your wedding vow renewal should not look like a wedding dress. Remember, vow renewals are not second weddings (save the wedding dresses for the brides), so think more along the lines of fancy cocktail dresses or evening dresses and, of course, matching the formality of the dress to your renewal ceremony location and style. Formaility of the dress can be determined by length, style and fabric, while the formality of the ceremony is based on time of day and location. That being said, typically vow renewals are less formal than weddings (the dresses for vow renewals are less formal than weddings too). The wedding vow renewal is an intimate ceremony so select an appropriate dress -- one that screams romance. And ladies, go ahead and choose white. It's the symbol of joy and no longer signifies virginity or purity.

Remember, a wedding (and the wedding dress) is really a once in a lifetime event. Don't dilute the memory of that wedding (and that special dress) by trying to recreate it. You can still dazzle your hubbie (go wild if renewing at a far off private destination) with a gorgeous dress. There are lots to choose from these days.

Happy dress shopping!

dress for wedding vow renewal ceremony
  These full length dresses are for a more formal renewal ceremony. Remember, your dress should be a reflection of you and your style, and it doesn't have to be white. These dresses come in many colors, as well as white and ivory for a more classic look.  
white dress for wedding vow renewal
vow renewal dress in white
chiffon halter dress for a vow renewal ceremony
3 styles of wedding vow renewal dresses
Above is one of my favorite dresses by Donna Morgan. Sexy, yet not too sexy, hides a multitude of flaws (except arms!) and best of all, can be used again.
Lovely simplicity in 3 styles. Understated, yet elegant.

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dresses for wedding vow renewals

vow renewal dresses 

little black dress 

 fprmal dresses for wedding vow renewal ceremonies

Dresses for Vow Renewals

This is a time to dress to the nines. A vow renewal is not a legally binding ceremony like a wedding is, so there is no need to play it safe. it is a great chance for you to pick a pretty cocktail dress, a formal evening gown or even your original wedding gown.

If you're comfortable with it (and if it still fits!) your original gown is a good idea. Or you can choose another dress -- a pretty cocktail dress, a formal evening gown, or a nice suit, depending on your taste and the formality and style of the celebration. Skip the veil, but wear a hat or flowers in your hair if you'd like. Carry flowers or don a corsage.

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wedding dress for second wedding
second wedding dress


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Happy Wedding Vow Renewal Dress Shopping!