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25 Year Vow Renewal


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My husband and I were married by a judge over 25 years ago. The only people in attendance were his mom and dad, brothers and sisters and one friend of his. He has been after me for several years to renew our vows and we are actually doing this in about a month. I wish I had found this site sooner!!

We have sent out invites - very simple, just proclaiming that We Still Do...and giving the information for the ceremony. We included a simple statement that we request no gifts, the attendees presence was gift enough.

Other than the fact that we are requesting no gifts, we are having an "actual" wedding. I bought a wedding gown, he is wearing a tux, our children are attendants, etc. We are having a real wedding cake, reception and dance. We are NOT throwing a bouquet or garter and we are not doing a "money dance". My sons will walk me down the aisle part way and then my dad will walk me down the rest of the way. We were just going to walk down together, but my husband thought it might hurt my dad's feelings, so this is the compromise we made. Since we are already married, my uncle is going to "direct" the ceremony and we will make a recommitment to each other. We are keeping our same rings, again, just recommitting ourselves.

Does this all sound appropriate? I don't want to go way over the top, but we didn't have any of this when we were originally married...I feel that we are being respectful to the institution of marriage, but, I guess I would like some validation. I was reading where it wasn't really appropriate to wear a wedding dress or have a real wedding cake, so now I am concerned.


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Congratulations on making it for over 25 years, through the ups and downs of married life! Of course this is a great milestone, and certainly something that deserves to be celebrated with an anniversary party or vow renewal, which, of course, can be as simple and intimate as you'd like.

Neither of those are an "actual" wedding though, and there really isn't a way to go back in time and change how the wedding was celebrated, or not, when you were young and times only had a few members of your family/friends in attendance. That said, your silver anniversary is a special moment to mark, and something that can be celebrated together with family and friends!

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