What To Get The Second Time Couple. Here Are Some Second Wedding Gifts Ideas.

second wedding gift
photo credit: Daniel Y. Go via photopin cc
second wedding gift
photo credit: Daniel Y. Go via photopin cc

Are you wondering what the proper etiquette is for a second wedding? Consider these tips and suggestions for wedding gifts that reflect you and your lifestyle.

Just Say An Internal ‘NO’ to the ‘Naysayers.

First, there are and always will be ‘naysayers no matter what you chose to do, so just get used to it and do not let them get to you. Now that that’s out of the way I want to remind you that the whole purpose behind wedding gifts is to help you start your married lives together. The only two people who know what you need, is you and your fiancé. And consider this: your friends and family STILL want to chip in and show you they love you by giving you a gift, so make it ridiculously easy for them to do so by registering.

Consider Being Un-Traditional

A few things to consider: are you already living with your fiancé? Do either of you already have a full kitchen/house set up? If you answered ‘YES’ to either of these questions, feel free to steer clear of the traditional gifts. These gifts are not applicable to your situation. However, if there are a few key things you would like to have that you do not already have – register for those items. Do not get crazy with the scanner gun, no matter how fun it is! Keep it relevant.

As a rule of thumb, have two registries. One with a few key items, whether its kitchenware (you do not already own) from Sur La Tab, camping stuff from REI, or HomeDepot gift cards for a home renovation project. Or if kids are involved, think about registering for furniture to add into their new bedroom. There may be more than just you and your fiancé involved in this wedding, so make sure they are included if possible.

Let Them be Your Dreammakers

Have your second registry be a cash registry towards a dream you and your fiancé share. Consider a honeymoon registry or if you are combining families – a big family trip. Even if you are thinking to yourself, I do not want gifts – this is a wonderful opportunity to give back. Ask your friends and family to donate to a charity of your choosing. There are a lot of options out there and many let you customize it to reflect your lives. Just remember that if your friends and family think it’s a meaningful gift, they will want to chip in. But if you are registering for a toaster, and they got you one for your first wedding- they have a right to be annoyed.

Always, Always, Always Give Thanks

As with the first time around, never EXPECT gifts, and always be GRATEFUL for all the gifts you are given. Get your thank-you notes out ASAP after the honeymoon and make sure they have a personal touch to them. Remember that these are guidelines – some of you may have eloped your first time around or had a teeny-tiny wedding with less than 10 people. Think about your situation, and what kind of gifts would mean the most to both you and your fiancé.


Cynthia Kellogg is the CEO of Gift Gather. She is an expert on the gift giving ritual and is dedicated to making sure you have a meaningful gift exchange for all the special moments you celebrate. https://giftgather.com/

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