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Wedding invitations can be issued verbally for informal events, engraved on heavy card stock for very formal events, and there is an endless variety of choices for semi-formal events. Second wedding invitations are no different. The more formal your wedding, the more formal your invitations.

Similar to first wedding invitations, your second wedding invitations would also reflect the hosts of the event. Below you’ll find some sample wedding invitation wording along with some of the top questions about sending, wording and addressing these special invites. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please Ultimate Guide to Wedding Invitations to ask our wedding etiquette experts.

Sample Wording for Second Wedding Invitations:

Our Favorite Sites for Wedding Invitations:

Gone are the days of having to wait to deal with snooty invitation stores. There are so many great online stores that sell invitations for second weddings and vow renewals. While there are hundreds of options, at Team Wedding we have our favorites so decided to share them with you. These online wedding invitation stores are each unique in their own way and most offer 24 hour shipping on most orders. Customizable full color wedding invitations, announcements, and invites of all sizes, there is plenty of choice and great quality invitations. Personalize and preview your second wedding invitations and vow renewal invitations.

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Make Your Own Wedding Invitations:

If you’re looking to trim some costs from your wedding budget or you’re a creative person, you can make your own second wedding or vow renewal invitations. You don’t need any special skills or software to make your do it yourself invitations. There are lots of great tools out there for the budding bride to be, including sites that let you make your own invitation and then print it for you to books and how-to guides for doing it all on your own completely.

On some of the wedding invitation websites, if you aren’t sure what’s involved or where to begin, they step you through the entire process. They will have a lot of materials and resources you’ll need as well as tutorials on how to do it all. You can create beautiful, personal DIY wedding invitations for your second wedding or vow renewal.

For true DIY wedding invitations, you can use some cool books or word templates to create them. For example, DIY Banded Invitations with Template allows you to do it all at home. You can also try  Rustic Yet Modern DIY Wedding Invitation Template which are also super easy to master. There are lots of Wedding Invitation Template Resources online and many Crafty Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations Unique.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Destination Wedding Invitation Etiquette:

Question: This is my second wedding and my fiancé and I are planning a destination wedding. I sent my Save the Date cards and some of my guests have already told us that they cannot attend. Should I go ahead and send these people a wedding invitation?

Reply: Always send invitations to everyone who rceived Save the Date cards. Who knows – their plans could change by the wedding date. Even if you hadn’t sent Save the Date cards, you would still send invitations to everyone you want to share in your day no matter if you thought they could attend or not. People can surprise you. It is always best to give them the choice of whether or not they wish to attend. Don’t worry about a guest feeling obligated to travel.

No Gifts Please:

Question: My fiancé and I are in our forties and have both been married before. We really don’t need anything. How can we state on our invitations that we would rather not receive gifts? Can we simply write, “No Gifts Please”?

Reply: I love your focus, however, it’s not considered polite to mention gifts on a wedding invitation, wanting them or not. Any mention of gifts implies that we were expecting them and puts the focus on the gift rather than the invitation. The best method of relaying your preferences is by ‘word of mouth’ and on a personal wedding website. These are very simple to create and offer a great way to share your love story with all.

Paying Means Hosting:

Question: This is my second wedding and my fiancés third, so we are paying for our wedding. How do we word the invitations? Should it be worded so that is appears as if my parents are hosting the wedding?

Reply: It is entirely your choice. If you want to assert that your parents are hosting, and they agree, then you may use the traditional form. However, many couples prefer to word their invitations as if they are hosting their weddings: The honour of your presence is requested at the marriage of bride and groom… or, Bride and Groom invite you to share… . here are more examples of a couple issuing the invitation.

Children Sending Second Wedding Invitations:

Question: This is my second wedding and my children want to host my wedding. Can they issue my invitations? How is this done?

Reply: This is a very sweet way to begin your new lives together. Young children really can’t invite since they’re too young to host (and pay).  But, if they are adults, this would be fine.  Your children’s names would be listed first on your invitation from the oldest to the youngest. If your fiancé has children who wish to co-host, their names would be listed under your children’s names from oldest to youngest. Example wording for children issuing wedding invitations.

Sending Wedding Invitations: Email or handwritten?

Question: This is my second wedding and my fiancé and I want a small, informal affair. May I email or handwrite my wedding invitations? I want to keep our expenses low.

Reply: For an informal wedding, you may send any type of invitation you wish. Emailing your wedding invitations may not be your best choice since e-mail is sometimes unreliable and some guests may not have e-mail. Snail mail is always more intimate and, sometimes, e-mail gets deleted, stuck in a junk folder or unread for weeks. Yet, verbally inviting your guests is also acceptable, personal, intimate, and free!

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