Simple and Classy Plus-Size Ball Gowns

Plus Size Wedding Ball Gowns

It can be a challenge finding the perfect wedding gown and even more so if you’re size isn’t that  of the boutique racks. For a classic ball gown with simple lines and bridal style, take a peek at these picks that also come in plus-sizes!

Plus-Size Wedding Ball GownsThe lace overlay and classic silhouette make this a bride’s dream dress.

Plus Size Wedding Ball GownsFor a bit more glam, take a peek at this voluminous tiered skirt.

Plus Size Wedding Ball GownsSimple and beautiful, this is a great ball gown for a springtime celebration.

Plus Size Wedding Ball GownsTry a bit of beading on with this bedazzled beauty, and take a peek at that whimsical skirt!

Plus Size Wedding Ball GownsThe shape of this gown is complimentary to all body types and the sparkles will make anyone feel like a bride.

Plus Size Wedding Ball GownsFeel a bit like Grace Kelly in this flowing and lace-covered design.

Plus Size Wedding Ball GownsSatin-covered and gorgeous, this is a quintessential bridal dream dress, don’t you think?

Plus Size Wedding Ball GownsA bit of sparkle up top and a tulle skirt ready for the dance floor on the bottom, who wouldn’t want to try this beauty on?

Plus Size Wedding Ball GownsSleek and sophisticated, this is a dream dress to personalize and accessorize for your big day.

Plus Size Wedding Ball GownsHere’s another fun and whimsical design to dream about, it’s youthful and will certainly make a statement walking down the aisle.

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