Riveting, Royal Blue Bridesmaids Gowns

royal blue bridesmaids dresses

Blue: it’s everyone’s favorite color and looks incredible on a variety of skin tones. And this shade of pure blue is perfect no matter the season or theme of the big day. Let’s get inspired with this “royal” roundup!

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Classic structure and complimentary style, this has traditional and “fun with accessories” written all over it.

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Another traditional, yet beautiful design, grab some straps for cooler-temperatured weddings.

Royal Blue Bridesmaid DressesSlick and sexy, we love the formal feel of this incredible gown.

Royal Blue Bridesmaid DressesFor something more preppy and casual, try this cut-out design on for size.

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Flowy and feminine, this little number would be great on the dance floor in the spring!

Royal Blue Bridesmaid DressesLoving the illusion neckline and lace additions, breathtaking, don’t you think?

Royal Blue Bridesmaid DressesAnother party dress for your giant celebration, your gals will feel inspired to dance and enjoy themselves.

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

A deeper royal tone would be great for an evening affair, and this one wraps the body in the best ways.

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Simple and chic, we are loving the bow accents at the top of the shoulder!

Royal Blue Bridesmaid DressesAnother beautiful and elegant design, it would look incredible on a variety of sizes and shapes, perfect to fit a bridal party with!

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