Marriage Take Two: Engagement Ring Etiquette

second marriage engagement ring
second marriage engagement ring

Weddings are a special time for a couple in love, as it means they’re beginning life together as one. These days second marriages are as common first marriages, however a number of differences exist regarding wedding etiquette. One main difference is the engagement ring. When planning a second marriage, remember to consider engagement ring etiquette.

This hardly means second wedding engagement ring presentations have to be awkward! Second marriages often form out of a couple living together, so they already know each other quite well. As a second wedding is normally between mature couples, it’s likely they’ll discuss the type of rings they prefer. The bride usually notes what type of ring she likes, including matching rings. Whatever else, the couple should avoid rings similar to those from a first marriage. Again, since the couples are more mature, it’s important to remain sensitive and understanding about purchasing a ring they can afford. If a woman wants to be surprised, talk to friends and family about the type of ring she likes.

second ring

One way to ensure the engagement ring is not similar to a previous one is to pick a diamond more brilliant than her first. After all, brilliance and glitter and are what establishes the rock’s beauty! Additionally, the diamond should be high quality and well-cut. A different shape and setting than the previous version will also help separate the first from second. Try a gold or platinum band, or a custom-designed band. The wedding ring band should be created from the same precious metal as the engagement ring so they complement each other. If the bride had a diamond engagement ring from her first union, a different stone in the ring again helps separate #1 from #2, such as a diamond in the middle of a sapphire. Any diamond requires grading and independent certification for authenticity. A brand name diamond is best, as it means the gem is quality.

engagement ring second wedding

Planning a second wedding can be just as romantic and exciting as the first wedding, and should be! Second-time brides often appreciate a more refined and elegant ring style, but usually prefer larger and more brilliant diamonds. As such, they’re more likely to get a ring that’s bigger and better than the one from the first marriage.

If  young and just starting out when getting hitched the first time, budgets are normally tight, thus preventing that extravagant dream wedding. When getting married the second time, it’s still a new start, however there’s more money and therefore more flexibility.

On your special wedding day, share your joy and commitment with family and friends. Wear your dream engagement ring and make this occasion even more memorable!

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