A Destination Second Wedding Makes a Great Option

photo credit: Chris Gin via photopin cc

photo credit: Chris Gin via photopin cc

A Destination Second Wedding Makes a Great Option 

Many people have elaborate first weddings with a church or religious ceremony, followed by a reception for family and friends. In fact, this is the fulfillment of a dream for many individuals. However, sometimes first weddings don’t work out for a variety of reasons. When you are getting married a second time, one great option to start your life together differently is to hold a destination second wedding.

A Private Affair

In many cases, a destination wedding is only attended by the individuals who are getting married. Some couples invite a few close friends or family members along to serve as witnesses. However, in general, this creates an intimate wedding for the couple. If either of you have children, though, it would be best to invite them, along with someone to watch them for you so you can have some alone time.

Blend It with Your Honeymoon

Another great advantage of having a destination second wedding is that you can blend it with your honeymoon. As long as you pick a destination you want to spend some time at, you will be able to remain at your location and start your marriage off with a honeymoon right away. For instance, get married on the beach and spend another week taking in the sights and relaxing on the beach.

A Change of Pace

If a first marriage didn’t end well for one or both of the individuals, they may have no desire to have another traditional wedding. Choosing a destination wedding can help you both feel as if you are starting this marriage off differently than your previous one. This can help to make the transition go more smoothly.

Second weddings are often difficult to plan. Many individuals don’t want to have a wedding like their first wedding for a variety of reasons. If you want to do something different for your second wedding, consider the advantages of a destination¬†second wedding. These weddings can be fun and romantic at the same time, giving you a great new option for your new marriage.

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